The upkeep or preservation of condition of property, including cost of ordinary repairs necessary and proper from time to time for that purpose. Bogan v. Postlewait, 265 N.E.2d 195, 197.
See also maintain
Sustenance; support; assistance; aid. The furnishing by one person to another, for his or her support, of the means of living, or food, clothing, shelter, etc., particularly where the legal relation of the parties is such that one is bound to support the other, as between father and child, or husband and wife. State ex rel. Blume v. State Board of Education of Montana, 97 Mont. 371, 34 P.2d 515, 519.
The supplying of the necessaries of life. Federal Land Bank of St. Louis v. Miller, 184 Ark. 415, 42 S.W.2d 564, 566.
While term primarily means food, clothing and shelter, it has also been held to include such items as reasonable and necessary transportation or automobile expenses, medical and drug expenses, utilities and household expenses. Hughes v. Hughes, La.App., 303 So.2d 766, 769.
See also separate maintenance
- support. Assets. Expenditures undertaken to preserve an asset's service potential for its originally-intended life; these expenditures are treated as periodic expenses or product costs. Contrast with Improvement.
See also maintain
- repair. Lawsuits. An officious intermeddling in a lawsuit by a non-party by maintaining, supporting or assisting either party, with money or otherwise, to prosecute or defend the litigation. Schnabel v. Taft Broadcasting Co., Inc., Mo.App., 525 S.W.2d 819, 823.
The offense committed by a maintainor (q.v.).
See also champerty
@ maintenance and cure
Contractual form of compensation given by general maritime law to seaman who falls ill while in service of his vessel. McCorpen v. Central Gulf S. S. Corp., C.A.Tex., 396 F.2d 547, 548.
Seaman is entitled to maintenance and cure if he is injured or becomes ill in service or vessel, without regard to negligence of his employer or to unseaworthiness of ship; and "maintenance" is a per diem living allowance for food and lodging and "cure" is payment for medical, therapeutic and hospital expenses; and employer's duty to pay maintenance and cure continues until seaman has reached "maximum cure." Kratzer v. Capital Marine Supply, Inc., D.C.La., 490 F.Supp. 222, 229. Pacific S.S. Co. v. Peterson, 278 U.S. 130, 49 S.Ct. 75, 73 L.Ed. 220.
See also cure
@ maintenance assessment or fee
Charge for purpose of keeping an improvement in working order. University Nat. Co. v. Grays Harbor County, 12 Wash.2d 549, 122 P.2d 501, 502
@ maintenance call
See margin call
@ maintenance fee
@ assessment fee
@ maintenance or assessment fee
maintenance or assessment fee
A monthly charge for maintaining and repairing the commonly owned areas in a condominium subdivision or planned unit development

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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